My name is Dré Van Mensel and as a nature photographer
I am a member of the ‘Vorselaarse Fotovrienden,’ a photographic society somewhere Tielen way.

Ever since my youth, I have a special admiration for all aspects of nature.  As time passed ,
the once healthy admiration turned into a real passion.

Ever since 1983 I occupy myself eagerly with nature photography.
I take pictures of everything related to nature. 

Although I prefer animals and birds, capturing the magnificent display
of colours of a butterfly or dragonfly is the thing I love most.

While talking to a close friend, the idea of designing a website was born with the intention
of shearing my pictures with a broader audience and nature lovers in particular.  

I hope you enjoy my pictures and I thank you for the interest you have in them.

© Dré Van Mensel